Event Divisions:

  • RX Male/Male

  • RX Female/Female

  • RX Male/Female

  • Scaled Male/Male

  • Scaled Female/Female

  • Scaled Male/Female

Event Details

Keep Austin Woding present Partners in Crime (P.I.C.), a 2017 Fall Team Competition - grab your workout partner for a fun and challenging 2 person competition. 3 events guaranteed with top 5 teams advancing to a 4th and final event from each division.

Event WODS

Event 1: "Batman & Robin - Snatch"

At the count of 3, 2,1, both athletes will run 400 m. Once finished with the run, Athlete 1 will establish a 1 RM snatch Athlete 2 will establish a 1 RM Clean & Jerk. Must designate which athlete is doing each lift prior to the start of the event. 6:00 min time cap to complete the run and both lifts. Only 1 athlete can lift at a time. Same sex teams will only have 1 bar to share Co-ed teams will have 2 separate bars.

Event 1A: "Batman & Robin - Clean & Jerk"

Athlete 2 total weight for Clean & Jerk

Event 1B: "Batman & Robin - Total"

Total weight of team's Snatch and Clean & Jerk combined. 3 separate scores for Event #1

Event Info:


Date: Oct. 28, 2017

Location: 5446 US-290 West #305, Austin TX

Registration: 160.00






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